Latvian universities ranked in the QS University Rankings EECA 2021
Latvian universities ranked in the QS University Rankings EECA 2021

5 top high-ranking universities from Latvia in the QS University Rankings Emerging Europe & Central Asia (EECA) 2021. As the newest results have been published on 16 December 2020.

First published in 2014, this year’s ranking has been constructed using 10 indicators, including academic and employer reputation, faculty/student ratio, papers per faculty, international research network, web impact, staff with PhD, citations per paper, and international faculty and international students.

The University of Latvia – ranked 41st place

The University of Latvia has been ranked in the 41st place, taking the leading position amongst the six ranked universities in Latvia and at the same time also occupies the highest 1st place among all higher education institutions reflected in the ranking in the indicator that evaluates the proportion of lecturers with doctoral degrees.

Results in the indicators of papers per faculty and international research network, which assess the degree of international openness in terms of research collaboration, are also high for the UL.

Riga Technical University – ranked 57th place

Riga Technical University has been ranked in the 57th place. At the regional level, RTU's reputation among employers is highly valued, ranking the university the 29th.

RTU has achieved good results also in the indicators of proportion of international students, academic reputation, which is assessed by two major international surveys, as well as in papers per faculty, which is calculated by using data from the world’s largest abstract and citation data base of peer-reviewed academic literature.

Rīga Stradiņš University – ranked 121st place

Rīga Stradiņš University has been ranked in the 121st place, showing the highest results in the proportion of international students, demostrating the diversity of the institution’s community and learning environment.

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies – ranked 211-220

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies has been ranked 211-220, achieving the best result in the indicator of papers per faculty. It reflects research productivity, based on papers published per academic faculty member.

Daugavpils University – ranked 251-300

Daugavpils University has been ranked 350-300, showing the highest results in the indicator of faculty student. It assesses and compares teaching quality internationally, considering faculty ratio. 

Transport and Telecommunication Institute from Latvia also has been included in this ranking, and it is ranked 351-400.

400 institutions included

Containing 400 institutions, this year’s ranking of universities from Emerging Europe & Central Asia is the largest ever. Almost half of all the universities included this year hail from just two study destinations: Russia and Turkey. Other locations to feature significantly include Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, and Hungary.

Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia tops the rankings followed by Tartu University in Estonia and Saint Petersburg State University in Russia.

The results of the rankings can be found here.