Foreigner’s eID card
Foreigner’s eID card

The new electronic identification tool - foreigner’s eID card will provide a possibility for a foreigner to fully receive services electronically in Latvia:

  • to use the state e-services,
  • to use e-address in order to ensure communication with state authorities,
  • electronically identify and sign documents,
  • using wide range of services provided by the state in general.

eID card is the checking tool of the identity of the person during provision of services.

How to get it?

Step 1: registering in the Register of Natural Persons and receiving the Latvian personal identity number:

Step 2: application to get the eID card:

The total duration of the process: 10-20 working days.

Costs: 80 eur

Unlike other type of personal identity card, the foreigners eID card will not be a mandatory personal identification document, and its receipt is a free choice of the person. Besides, the foreigner’s eID card will not be a travel document and will not confirm the residence permit of a person in Latvia. It is planned that the foreigner’s personal identity card will be valid for five years.

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