Current Covid-19 entry requirements to Latvia for international students
Current Covid-19 entry requirements to Latvia for international students

International students who are enrolled in study programmes in Latvia may travel to Latvia if an university has provided a written proof of the student’s enrolment and their arrival to Latvia is required to take part in a study programme.

Restrictions on entry to Latvia depend on the country the person is travelling from and whether the person has been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 (please see additional information below). See the list of country categories and requirements here.

Latvian embassies abroad and visa processes

Considering the measures to limit coronavirus pandemic and the epidemiological safety situation in different countries, appointments at some of the Latvian embassies may be suspended until further notice, therefore it is advisable to contact the specific embassy regarding their organization of visa process during the coronavirus pandemic.

Support from the chosen university

The university must provide students with all the necessary information about these conditions and support for the student, including support for observing self-isolation. It should maintain continuous communication with each foreign student, communicating about the organization of the study process, the requirements for achieving learning outcomes, and the new travel and arrival conditions.

Current Covid-19 entry requirements

All persons travelling to Latvia must fill out an electronic form on the website no earlier than 48 hours before entering Latvia and provide the requested information concerning vaccination, testing, or recovery from COVID-19.

The person must indicate the specific purpose of their visit to Latvia in the questionnaire. Documents or other reliable proof confirming that purpose must be presented on demand to the State Border Guard or the State Police. The person does not have to present the document if the relevant information confirming a purpose of entry is already available in national information systems, for instance, the population register.

Vaccinated or recovered

The fact of vaccination or recovery is evidenced only by an interoperable digital EU certificate (either in an electronic smart device or printed out) or a vaccination certificate issued in the EU, the EEA countries, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom. A recovery certificate is valid for 11 to 180 days from the start of the illness. A person who fails to present such certificates is subject to requirements applied to non-vaccinated persons and persons who have not have not been infected with COVID-19 during past 180 days.

From 01.09, persons from the USA, Australia, Israel, New Zealand and Canada who have COVID19 vaccination (with vaccines recognized in Latvia) or evidence of the disease will be able to enter Latvia even if they do not have the form of an EU-recognized digital certificate.


Non-vaccinated persons need to take a COVID-19 test no earlier than 72 hours before boarding the carrier's vehicle or before crossing the Latvian border individually.

The following tests may be taken:

  • a PCR test 72 hours before boarding the carrier’s vehicle or entering Latvia, or
  • an antigen test 24 hours before boarding the carrier’s vehicle or entering Latvia.

The test result may be presented in the English language or the language of the country of departure.

Persons entering Latvia from a country that is not the EU, EEA, Switzerland, or UK, must have an additional mandatory Covid-19 test done upon their arrival in Latvia.

In addition, non-vaccinated persons must self-isolate for 10 days after the arrival to Latvia. The only persons exempt from self-isolation are the ones arriving from a low-risk country.

Self-isolation may be interrupted if the person takes a PCR test on the 7th day after departure from a high risk or a very high-risk country, and the test result is negative. The result must be recorded in a test certificate.